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Welcome to Best Plan Ahead

Our experience, knowledge and expertise is Support Co-ordinaton

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Our primary goal is to make your plan right for you.

Best Plan Ahead is an NDIS service based in Metropolitan Melbourne providing tailored Support Co-ordination services to NDIS participants. Focusing only on Support Co-ordination and Psycho-social Recovery Coaching we offer a team of two consistent practitioners. We will respond to your needs and understand that you are the expert in your own life. We offer expertise in the NDIS, mental health, psycho-social services and complex needs.

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“Lesley is personable, flexible, knowledgeable and pragmatic. From our first chat I immediately knew she was the right support coordinator for us.”
We can assist you with:

Understanding your NDIS plan.

Using our knowledge and skills to help make your life better.

Building your skills in implementing and co-ordinating your plan.

Liaising with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Linking with supports outside of NDIS such as health, education and community.

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Setting up agreements with agencies that can help.

Helping you manage your NDIS budget.

Setting up and navigating the NDIS portal.

Helping you find the best supports for you.

Preparing for and attending planning meetings.

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Why choose Best Plan Ahead?

Offers a team of two consistent Support Co-ordinators.

We focus on Support Co-ordination and  Psycho-social Recovery Coaching.

Have expertise in mental health, dealing with trauma, psychological first aid and Carer services.

Respond to your needs and understand that you are the expert in your life.

Work to make your NDIS plan right for you.

Offer face to face meetings at your most convenient location and time.

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About us

We are here to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.
We’re committed to helping you understand and implement your plan, build your skills and liaise with all the services involved in your disability or mental health supports.

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Lesley Parkin
Specialist Mental Health Co-ordinator

Lesley has been working in the community sector since 2009, helping people navigate various systems to get the services and supports they need to live a better life. She has worked as a team leader including time in a clinical team, transitioning into the NDIS.

Lesley is passionate about getting to know the people she supports and exploring with them what is needed to make their lives better.

Rob Feith
Specialist Mental Health Co-ordinator

Rob worked in casework and counselling in a Community Health Centre for 14 years. He has qualifications in Education, Counselling and Family Therapy.

His approach is to work in a cooperative way to help
people achieve their goals. If people are not sure what their goals are he helps them find out through collaborative conversations. He is a practical person and good at helping to solve problems.

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Contact Us

Servicing Melbourne suburbs 30 minutes from Caulfield North.


We would love to accept your referrals but are not always able to. Please feel free to enquire and we will respond promptly.


Please see our Policies and Procedures. We value feedback and would be keen to hear from you should you wish to contribute.

Feedback and Complaints

We welcome all types of feedback to help us improve our services.

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